Illustrations making stand-out ads

Our friends at Cross Compliance Solutions help farm businesses to keep their paperwork, systems and safety procedures on the right side of both the spirit and detail of legislation. Having worked shoulder to shoulder on a rebrand we discussed new ad campaigns to appear in national and regional farming publications.

Top Digital Marketing Tips

Read our digital marketer, Gareth's, top digital marketing tips...

The story of the Beatles as you’ve never seen it before

Journey through the Beatles years – from the band’s first ever gig at the Cavern Club to the release of their final album Let It Be – in a visual exploration of their evolution from four young men to one of the greatest bands the world has ever seen.

Orphans Calendar as desktop wallpaper

Due to popular demand ... well, anyway, we're making each month of our 2016 'Essential Dates' calendar available as a wallpaper for your computer. So instead of looking up to see the real calendar hanging on your wall you can keep your eyes pinned on your computer. Or if you are on the move, keep it on your tablet. No need to thank us, all part of the service.


Every year Orphans produce a calendar. Sometimes it is ready in time for the New Year! In recent years it has built quite a following with our customers, many of whom anticipate it's arrival and are eager to see if it is a notch up on previous years. So here at Orphans we've realised that the pressure is back on us. We can't just serve up 12 landscapes of Herefordshire scenery.

The origins of Orphans Press

A well-renowned Quaker, Henry Stanley Newman, opened the Leominster Orphan Home on the 20th August 1869. Children from mainly industrialised areas of the UK found their way to the Home and the prospect of a new life in a rural area.

Elan Exhibition - pulling it all together

The Elan Valley visitor centre had been missing a cornerstone of any popular attraction ... an Exhibition! It was nice then for us to be asked to put together the new exhibition, 'This is Elan'. This was a true team effort. Ruth Lloyd produced great content, researching the incredible history of the Elan Valley, not least the building of the dams and  the diversity of nature and wildlife.

Web design as detailed as the shoes themselves

Our friends Sara and Nick crackle with new ideas. The concept of Billy Ruffian (there's a great story behind the name) is all theirs. So too are the shoes, beautifully designed and hand made. Not very many of them, but so nice they are building a loyal following.

Can we recommend a good photographer?

There's nothing which drains the colour from our designer's faces more then when a customer declares that 'I've got the pics with me ... on my phone!' It's just that we've worked on many a site where for budgetary reasons (mainly) we've had to head down the stock library route. Try as we might there's something unmistakeably familiar about these images!