Can we recommend a good photographer?

There's nothing which drains the colour from our designer's faces more then when a customer declares that 'I've got the pics with me ... on my phone!' It's just that we've worked on many a site where for budgetary reasons (mainly) we've had to head down the stock library route. Try as we might there's something unmistakeably familiar about these images! Now, compare this with the uplifting effect of new, original photography taken by photographers with a professional eye for showcasing what you do to best effect. We are very fortunate to have worked with very talented photographers and have had the pleasure of using their work on websites and printing projects. And boy oh boy - it is a pleasure. At a stroke your sites claim an authenticity and originality no stock library images can emulate. If you are thinking 'sounds expensive' we would put up a case for it being one of the soundest investments you can make. With careful planning - and we can help here - you can pack a breadth of photography into a day or half day, covering locations, products and people. The key is to use the best professionals and we are very happy to recommend those behind the work shown here.

Photopia for Billy Ruffian Shoes

Gerry Matthews for Elan Valley


Web design as detailed as the shoes themselves

Our friends Sara and Nick crackle with new ideas. The concept of Billy Ruffian (there's a great story behind the name) is all theirs. So too are the shoes, beautifully designed and hand made. Not very many of them, but so nice they are building a loyal following.