Paid for ads - paying their way?

Paying for traffic to your site is not likely to be an ambition but for many businesses it is a necessary path to reach customers who turn to Google to find sites which do just what you do. Just to increase the inevitability of the decision the proportion of paid for ads Google displays has also increased.

If you have a simple product or service offer there's every chance you will be inclined to setup and manage your own campaigns. But you may also notice how daunting the AdWords interface can appear. Without exaggerating the complexity there is plenty of scope to go awry and waste money pursuing clicks only to find they don't translate into results. The more complex your offer the more stewardship your campaigns require and the case for external support increases.

We can work with you to create Google or Facebook Adwords campaigns, We can decide whether to triall one or both; Facebook provides a greater level of demographic targetting. The key is to keep a focus on objectives and to ensure we monitor each campaign. 

If you have a campaign in mind and would like to discuss management support please get in touch.