Bespoke systems for... us!

Happily we're generally quite busy working flat out on our customers' behalf. But periodically we come up for air and can slot in a little development for ourselves. Believe me there's a lot more we'd like to do but such is our unswerving dedication to customer work! Generally the context is that you look at off the shelf options available on the market. Sometimes they don't quite fit the bill, particularly if you are hoping they doevetail with other systems within the business. So you may contemplate a solution which is costlier but ultmately could be mould to just what you need. By way of example, here are a couple of projects we have completed here at Orphans, just to get your own thoughts flowing.

Most print businesses use an array of management software systems to quote, manage jobs, process artwork and output print ready files. We have chosen to utilise our own development resources to develop integrated systems designed to reflect the way Orphans work. A cornerstone is the file management system, we called it PrintPath, which allows skilled pre-press technicians as well as less technical designers to process artwork, identify any issues which would effect quality, and plan them ready for specific presses. Beyond that we have large and small custom solutions for everything from job management and timekeeping to label printing.







Bespoke production data software

We get on famously with our good friends at Growth in their business was making it harder to keep track of numbers in terms of time spent on projects and also stock consumption and replenishment.