Mailings Service

Postal Mailing Service

A number of our customers value the fact that as well as printing their newsletter or brochure we can also mail it. It speeds up the process, allows more control of the mailing and can reduce cost. We have seen a resurgence in the number of print mailings as customers appraise the impact of online and post. Although postage costs have increased there is a growing appreciation that they have their place alongside online communication. Compared to emails, for example, post is opened more and is often kept for weeks rather than minutes. And of course recipients can feel the quality of your leaflet or brochure, so there is a real opportunity to engage. A number of our customers are including print mailings as part of their mix of communications.

Reduced Postage Costs

We provide a full postal mailing service. Most often we are supplied with a database which we can check for duplicates and then run through our software according to the preferred Royal Mail postage service (i.e. Advertising, Business or Publishing Mail). Subject to meeting the Royal Mail criteria for service quantities there is scope to make significant postage savings. We have polywrapping and envelope inserting lines to make light work of your mailing and to see it in the hands of your customers as quickly as possible.

Mailmark Accredited

We are a Royal Mail Mailmark approved mailing house. For mailings which qualify for Advertising, Publishing or Business Mail discounts you will now see a Mailmark barcode. This helps the Royal Mail automate mail sorting and also provides facility for us to track an item in the Royal Mail system.





However big or small, we can mail out your printing to your customers and for less than you may imagine.

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