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Simply Delicious Cakes. And They Are!

We believe that the better our product understanding, the more effective will be our marketing endeavours. So it's a condition of our regular meetings with Archie that he arrives laden with samples for us to, errrrr, understand. We couldn't believe in the product more than we do which makes it a joy to work closely with Archie and Milly to share their delights with a wider audience. They are a treat for someone special, a gift to mark an occasion, a subscription for ... yourself! These are Simply Delicious Cakes. And that means another important ingredient, personality.

Let's Make it Fun

We updated the branding and website to pave the way towards generating more online sales and appealing to a younger demographic. The overall branding fuses the premium nature of the product with personality of enjoyment, fun, love. We have a light touch to copy which carries through the whole experience including packaging. So as the postie hands over the box you may see a message such as 'Crumbs. Somebody Really Loves You!' or 'Time For Tiffin!' All part of aligning all touchpoints to create a brand experience which makes occasions special, repeat purchases high and brand recommendation all the more likely.


A Website with Many Slices

The website is designed to look as good as the cakes so not surprisingly the cakes take centre-stage. Our feel for the brand helps us shape photography to help Photopia work their magic with images you can almost taste, building anticipation until there's no choice - you just have to buy! There is a full box of tasteful nudges throughout the site such as the pop up offering a discount to first timers, the subscription service (which also allows users to vary their content) and the option to add a message with your gift. There's such a high level of repeat purchase and subscriptions that the key to the growth of the business is that very first taste.

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The Birthday Experience

Our collaboration with Archie and MiIly is close and enjoyable. We love to hear their new ideas for cakes and together we create inventive ways to reach new audiences. They told us how they wanted recipients of their birthday cakes to really get a true birthday experience, so we created personalised cards, tags and beautiful wrapping paper to complete the parcel.

It's very much a team approach at every stage, from concept through design to production, whether labels, packaging or website. Our marketing team run adwords and paid social campaigns which are helping build the growing army of Simply devotees.

Ah, time flies - I think it's 'Time For Tiffin'!


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